Friday, August 27, 2010

Confession Time

Hello, my name is Sheryn and I am a shopaholic. Although always partial to a good shopping spree this addiction has gone ten fold since having the kids, I blame this on boredom and just a little bit of wanting to be a Yummy Mummy. The funny thing is that since having the kids shopping is so much harder.
As I have mentioned earlier I have been on a weight loss journey and I have now reached my goal weight. Part of achieving this is due to the reward I promised to give myself which was a HUGE shopping spree.

I also asked for only vouchers for my birthday which was graciously delivered, thanks friends and family. However when I imagined this shopping spree it was me all on my own, easier said than done when hubby works 6 days a week.
So after hearing the devastating news that DFO was in financial strife I decided to see what I could do to save it and yesterday I packed up two moody kids and a days worth of snacks and set of for my local DFO. The one year old screamed the whole time but I did not let this deter me, I think it's fair to say that DFO will not be closing it's doors any time soon. No, please don't thank me, just give me ideas on hiding the credit card bill.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Birthday Celebrations!!

It was my birthday this weekend and I must say it truly was glorious. I have had an awful throat infection for the last week but I did my best to ignore it (and my diet). Hubby and the kids spoilt me rotten, I love my new gumboots!!! I was born on Friday 13th and as this year it also fell on Friday 13th we had all the family over for pizza and cake. Then on Saturday we got a babysitter and hubby took me to Vue de Monde in Melbourne. What an experience, I even ate snails.....and they were yummy!!
It is weekends like this that you realise just how blessed you are to just have some of life's simple pleasures.
Now to get back on the diet!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I can honestly say that I have not had a week like this in so long and that's a good thing as it's been awful. Lots of things have happened but it's always like that, when it rains it pours. However one of the hardest aspects is two sick kids which means no leaving the house. I am going crazy!!
On a good note though, my weight loss journey is going great guns. After two kids and an illness I had stacked on the kilos and I felt sluggish and BIG. However I decided to follow the Dukan Diet and so far I have lost 7.4 kilos in 7 weeks. I love the feeling of putting on clothes and finding that they are too big. I have 1.6 kilos until my goal weight and then I am going on a killer shopping spree, sans kids!
Only problem is that I weighed what I weigh now 5 years ago when I got married but my body looked a lot different back then. I dare say having two babies and age have played a role in that. I am working out most days but may need to kick it up a notch.
It's amazing how much better you can handle stressful weeks like this when your health is good. Why didn't I do this sooner???

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Travel List

Simone over at honey and fizz got me thinking about my dream travel places today, so I thought I would share a few of them with you. The first of course being New York.
                                                              New York
                               Italy ( a must considering my other half is Italian)
                                                             San Francisco

There are so many more but I am concentrating on these ones for now. We are off to Fiji in October and yes I am very excited but this trip is based more on what's easiest with two kids. Hopefully the next one will be a little more adventurous!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Things that make me happy.