Sunday, September 5, 2010

Willow Rose Turns One

My baby girl turned one yesterday and the day came with very mixed emotions. Although excited by this momentous occasion I was also very emotional that this day came at all. When Willow was 5 five weeks old she was admitted to hospital with a very severe case of cellulitis. It was behind her eye so the doctors were very afraid it would spread to her brain, not to mention she was the youngest baby they had seen diagnosed with it. In the week she spent in hospital I think I spent only one whole hour away from her side. My husband and I watched our baby girl prodded and poked so many times and each time only got harder not easier. Her big brother Xavier kept us sane and so grounded, he really is wise beyond his four years.
The day the doctor came and told us we could take our little princess home was the happiest day I have experienced thus far, that was the day I finally let the pent up tears flow free, as did numerous other family members. It was also the day we were told just how sick Willow actually had been. I will be eternally grateful to all the medical staff for their care and understanding.
So as you can imagine, seeing our little girl turn one was an even bigger deal than it normally would be. We celebrated with all our family and friends and I spent the day laughing and simultaneously running to the bedroom for a little cry.
Willow, Mummy, Daddy and Xavier love and cherish you so much and we just could not imagine our lives without you, thank you and Happy Birthday Darling Girl. XXX