Friday, April 22, 2011

Choccies for me....

As we are a house full of chocoholics you can imagine how excited we get by Easter. Yet we still manage to remember just what this time is about, I even told Xavier (soon to be 5) the story behind it all today and he sat and listened and really seemed to take it all in, although I think he much preferred decorating eggs which we did for the first time today (messy messy). To me it's also about family time and although the workaholic will be mostly at work we will still get in some quality time together starting with hubby's famous pancakes in the morning.
I hope you all stay safe over the break and that you too get to have quality time with your loved ones and you also stuff yourselves silly with the good stuff.....did I mention we are chocoholics???
Happy Easter

Love Sheryn