Monday, March 7, 2011

To market to market....

Last weekend I got a "Hall Pass" and no before you start thinking I went out on the town and flirted myself silly that is so not what I did. Men and women are soooo different that to me a "Hall Pass" meant a day of kid free shopping!!
Hubby offered to take the kids swimming on his own in the morning so off I went to Mathilda's Market, the baby and toddler market that I had wanted to go to forever.
The offerings were absolutely gorgeous although a little on the pricey side.

loved loved loved this gorgeous butterfly artwork
I spent a good two hours drooling over the pretty things and all without being hassled by a bored husband and wanting children.
I didn't actually buy too much, a necklace for Willow and a t shirt for Xavier and four of these oh so yummy cake pops, have you seen these about?

Although I had a lovely time I knew there was a lot more shopping to be done and I was kid free damn it, so I sneakily stopped at DFO on the way home and has some real fun, appetite satisfied!!

I can't help it, I love love love to shop, don't all girls??

Have a happy week, Melbourne is finally having a bit of a late summer and I intend on enjoying it.

Sheryn xxx

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