Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's a toy store in here!!!

All of you out there with children under five please tell me your house looks like this
The really distressing thing is that this photo was taken just after a clear out!! My two kids are not actually all that messy which is probably due to their very anal mother following them around, yet still my house resembles Toys R Us.
It's kind of hard to get motivated when you know no matter how much you clean, sort and rearrange the toys are going nowhere. The ones in the far background were placed there as they are baby toys and I though Willow, 17 months, would be too old for them now. Guess which toys she has been playing with since they were placed there? Now what to do?
I dream of the new house we will be moving to once the unit in our backyard is built, it will be large, homey yet oh so stylish. However lets be honest, most of the toys will be coming with us. Oh well, the new house will just have to have a rumpus room.
A girl can dream can't she????

Happy Thursday,


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